We Only Have One Planet, Let's Not Waste It.

We're a group of individuals and businesses with a common goal to stop everything that deteriorates our planet.

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What is Sayv and who
will use it?

Sayv is a planet-conscious movement. We’re a community of people that educate each other and help to reduce costs in everyday life. We partner with businesses an organizations that also support our cause and want to offer their products and services to responsible consumers.

For that we have built a new financial ecosystem powered by Sayv cryptocurrency. This digital currency will be used as an alternative to loyalty points and payment method for selected merchants.


What do we stand for?

  • Lowering the costs of running financial processes.
  • Helping people to create their own financial ecosystem by cutting off the banks.
  • Educating people on sustainability, ecological lifestyle and mindset.
  • Enabling companies and its employees to build a customer loyalty program that benefits every party involved.

In short we're building an ecosystem for consumers and small businesses who stand for causes that help us reduce costs for everyone and also promote a lifestyle that doesn't hurt our planet.


For consumers

Consumers get cash-back on purchases. The more you save the planet the more you earn.


For employees

Employees and services providers earn additional reward by selling more services.


For small businesses

Small businesses get more returning customers and enjoy decreased payment fees.

Sayv is a smart cryptocurrency built for 3 parties – small business owner, service provider and the consumer. All parties have an incentive to earn and hold tokens as there will be increasing demand, which will cause the price increase.

sayv mvp

Our App is Ready Now

Coffee In loyalty app was launched in 2011. Currently, 30 000 users are using the app on a monthly basis.

We see migrating to blockchain as a logical next step in our app development. It helps us bring in more solutions for our customers (sending tokens to friends, exchanging them to cash etc). Moreover we can expand this solution to the other merchants who want to tap into cryptocurrency based loyalty system.


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Sayv Digital Currency

Total Supply:
500,000,000 SAYV
To Be Sold:
300,000,000 SAYV

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In order to build up the community we’re doing a token distribution event where we airdrop the token and sell it to first merchants and investors looking to support the project.

Sayv will run on Byteball network. It has simplified smart contract script language and has approximately 100 times less fees than Ethereum network. Due to DAG technology it has more potential to scale.

We plan to distribute all the tokens during the token distribution period.


Token Utility

Sayv tokens can be used to freely to trade among all parties (consumer, service provider and the small business). This can happen automatically every time consumer pays for the service or manually should one party wish to trade Sayv into BTC, ETH, EUR, USD or any other currency.

Use of Funds

The funds raised during our token sale and investments rounds will be used to expand to other markets, get more merchants involved and further develop the solution and grow the community.

  • Marketing
  • Technical development
  • Team

Information & Documentation


Here's How We'll Do It

First Launch

Launch of the loyalty program developed by us.

App launch

Launch of the bonus app designed for the end-user.

Expansion of marketing

27 000 users signed up and using the app.

Expansion of the user-base

30% of all the customers in the coffee chain are using our loyalty program.

January 2018
Preparation for the token

Technical team started developing the smart contract platform.

March 2018
Expansion of marketing team

Consulted with marketing agencies and preparing the launch strategy.

November 2018
Private sale started

Reach out to funds and businesses.

January 2019
Prototype finalized

White label app ready to be used by partners. Token sale open for investors.

March 2019
Token distribution event

Token sale and distribution

Expansion in Europe

Sign agreements with 3 major service providers in 5 European countries.

Large scale marketing & sales activities

100 companies have joined the platform



Asse Sauga
Cryptocurrency Expert
Raigo √ēunapuu
Software Expert
Gilbert Pardla
Ecological lifestyle

Core Team

Kaspar Palgi
Software Engineer
Janet Kljuzin
Marketing Assistant
Arvi Vaaderpass
Kristel Puusepp
Marketing & Sales
Anti Schulz
Marketing & Sales
Holger Mets
Enn Ossep
Raul Leppik
Loyalty Program Analyst

Have any questions?

Currently we don’t have that in the roadmap. However we’re open to do private deals with accredited US investors.

We’re an Estonian based company and our token sale is regulated with Estonian and EU laws.

Absolutely! As soon as our token distribution is over, we’ll be listed on different exchanges. We encourage our token holders to trade SAYV on our own app.

Great question! SAYV can be used as a payment method at partner businesses. It can be used fully or partly to pay for your morning coffee, launch meal or even at your local hairdresser.

Businesses around the world incentivize with discounts to get more clients and revenue. We tap into that existing model by distributing that additional discount to employees as tip and to customers as cashback.

No, SAYV cannot be mined.


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